For the tide in all of us

A tide who considers itself to be 15 year old got me writing this. The questions that the tide had made me remember what I used to think.

What is my origin? Where will I go after I die? How do I grow? Why can’t I keep growing tall? Who gave birth to God? Is God really there? Etc etc etc… till the day I Caleb to realise I AM THAT AND THAT IS THE ONLY REALITY

we are all tides who come into being, live our life thinking that we have individual identity apart from the ocean. But we forget that the ocean and the tide both are water. How can they be different.

May all the tides get merged in the great grand ocean and be blissful.


Spread Love

Love is the only language understood by every living being. Every being on this planet is looking for love. We keep searching for love in different relationships.  Be it relationship with parents, friends, spouse, sibling, or any other relationship. Every relationship is


an embodiment of love. Love, the way every being defines love.  Loving others makes one feel complete. The more love is given, more is recd in return. Keep giving love and keep receiving love.

Spreading LOVE to make this world a beautiful place.


Understanding, Acceptance and Love


Love relationshipFrom Lessons Learned in Life

Love is not just about finding the right person, but creating right relationship and one of the most essential building blocks for a strong relationship is understanding. As Paul Tournier pointed out, “Between love and understanding there is a very close link…He who loves understands, and he who understands loves. One who feels understood feels loved, and one who feels loved feels sure of being understood.”

Understanding and acceptance are the essence of love. If you cannot understand and accept, you cannot truly love another person.

Perfect Marriage
From Mindfulness Ireland

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Prayer for Oneness of Our Human Family


“To all people, religious and nonbelieving, I make this appeal. Always embrace the common humanity that lies at the heart of us all. Always affirm the oneness of our human family…. Let not your differences from the views of others come in the way of the wish for their peace, happiness, and well-being.”

Dalai Lama

From Prayer for Oneness

Few facts have become more evident in our lifetime than the fact that we live in a pluralistic world and society. With the rapid increase in the transmission of information and the ability to travel on a worldwide scale has also come an increasing awareness that both our world and society contain a multitude of diverse and conflicting viewpoints on many different issues. Nowhere is this pluralism more evident than in the realm of religion. What should our attitude be toward other religions?

In spite of the differences, all major religions foster a…

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